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Supreme Courts travel ban decision applies to North Korea too - Vox

The problem, experts noted at the time, is that North Koreans just don’t travel to America. The administration “should have checked if there is North Korean immigration before they banned it,” John Delury, a North Korea expert at Seoul’s Yonsei University, told the Washington Post last September. “Why are you banning something that doesn’t exist?” But if a North Korean does want to enter the US, they could — after a long and grueling process . They would have to defect from North Korea, make it to South Korea, acquire a South Korean passport, and then enter the United States ( South Korean law allows for this). Trump’s travel ban crucially doesn’t block people who went through that process to come to the US, so it’s very possible for a (former) North Korean to visit New York City, even now. Could North Korea be removed from the travel ban list? The case the Supreme Court ruled on today was a challenge to the travel ban. But only the five Muslim-majority countries — Syria, Libya, Iran, Yemen, and Somalia — were under consideration. A ban on North Korean travelers, however, continues as of December .

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BBC - Travel - In South Korea, age is measured in bowls of soup

Respect and devotion radiated toward those at the top of the social order. Benevolence and reward flowed back. This is reflected in the Korean language, which has seven distinct forms of speech to handle all possible social situations. Knowing which to use depends on the relative status of the person being addressed. The most basic measure of position is age. Showing respect to a parent, and by extension to any elder, is among the most important behaviours of all. The tradition of communal aging makes it easier to determine one’s relative status. All else being equal, people with the same birth year are on the same social level. It doesn’t matter if they were born in March or November. (Koreans do celebrate individual birthdays as well – though with a different type of soup.) New acquaintances begin by asking each other's age, sometimes rephrasing the question as, "How many bowls of tteokguk have you eaten?"  Each region of the country makes its own version of tteokguk with local ingredients.

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